About Eden

Engineering. Design. Fabrication.

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Eden Cryogenics, LLC was founded to support the alternative fuel, energy, aerospace, and commercial cryogenic and vacuum markets with a new line of next generation cryogenic products and equipment.

Eden commenced operations, under the direction and leadership of founder Steve L. Hensley, in January 2006. Mr. Hensley's 40 year background in cryogenics and cryogenic systems has established Eden as a leader in the future of technology and equipment for the cryogenic industry.

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The company is propelled by a prestigious list of seasoned veterans in cryogenic and high vacuum technology. Eden is dedicated to providing the customer support needed for today's higher quality cryogenic and vacuum equipment with designs that integrate available technology and manufacturing techniques while investigating state-of-the-art processes to improve performance, enhance operation, and provide economies in fabrication and installation.

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Eden engineers are project and customer oriented to insure your cryogenic and vacuum system and components perform and function perfectly. Our design and engineering personnel help bring your concept to reality. Our personnel have years of experience and have contributed to cryogenic and vacuum systems all over the world gaining experience from the diversity of many different functions and specifications.