Engineering Capabilities

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  • CAD Software: AutoCAD and Inventor (3-D Model)
  • Common CAD Files: .DWG, .DXF., .PRT, and etc.
  • Analytical Software: Algor Structural, PipePlus, Heat Leak, and Compress
  • Design Assistance: System and Process Design and Engineering, Component Selection, Functional Relationship.

Each Cryogenic system requirement is staffed with a team of engineers, designers, and technicians as required from the initial proposal to system start up. Project managers take each specification requirement into account during the development of the project design, schedule, and budget.

The Project Manager acts as the contact point to our customers and is involved in every phase of the project, which insures a "no surprises" end result, and performance that lives up to Eden's high quality standards. All projects are designed and engineered around stringent ASME Code standards, including Section VIII and B31.3, as applicable and are documented to provide the customer with a detailed report of certification tests.