Eden's cryogenic couplings (bayonets) are used for connecting cryogenic vacuum insulated transfer systems or equipment without breaking vacuum.

Eden’s cryogenic couplings (bayonets) are manufactured to the highest industry standards using 304/304L grade stainless steel. Available in sizes from ½” OD tube size to 14 nps pipe size for all cryogens, including ultra low heat leak designs for liquid helium. Couplings are analyzed to insure conformance to the ASME B31.3 Piping Code. All sizes are designed with no hidden cavities or crevices which would prevent usage in oxygen service.

Eden bayonets are close tolerance (0.003” to 0.004”) gas vapor seal between the male and female joint. Standard O-ring seal material is fluorocarbon rubber with other materials available for severe applications. All joints are available with anti-galling coating (male only), flanged connections, nose seals, and other project specific options.

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