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Eden Cryogenics has established a cryogenic valve line based upon years of system and process design. Our valves incorporate state of the art designs which include the ability to service the vacuum jacketed valves without affecting the vacuum, easy field conversion between operational modes, interchangeability of parts, ease of cleaning, and meets all the applicable conformance of codes.

Our experienced engineers at Eden will perform an analysis based on usage, purpose, installations, and maintenance insuring that each valve will be sized properly. Eden’s valve designs feature minimum cool down, heat leak and economy in fabrication. We stock valves from ¼” OD tube to 4” NPS pipe size and will fabricate valves to 14” NPS and beyond. All valves are available with a variety of end connections including socket, butt weld, flanged, threaded, and special designs to meet customers’ requirements.

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Eden also offers a variety of valve actuators including cylinder, diaphragm, electric, hydraulic, and other custom designed actuators for specific applications.