Cryogenic Cooling Systems

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Eden can provide a turn key system for all your requirements. We offer a wide variety of different types of cooling systems from -250 degrees F to +250 degrees F. At Eden, we offer shrouds for space simulation, LN2 subcooled systems, Phase separation systems, GN2 thermal systems, purification systems, and helium refrigeration/liquefier systems.

Eden Cryogenics has stepped up to meet and exceed the demands of its customers for the need for controlled, low temperature systems and applications. Our shrouds for space simulation simulate the cold dark emptiness of outer space. Eden’s engineers will calculate the various pressures, temperatures, and flow rates required to achieve this when sizing the shroud.

The Eden LN2 Subcooler pressurized closed loop system consists of a heat exchanger that circulates through an atmospheric liquid nitrogen bath. This subcooled system design has been widely used with medium to large space simulation systems with high heat loads.

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Eden’s phase separation system operates in a closed loop mode at low pressure and does not have the flexibility of the LN2 subcooled system. Operating at low pressure, there is a possibility of “two phase flow” in the shroud circuit. This will create hot spots on the shroud that would exceed the specification requirements.

The GN2 thermal systems employ a GN2 Compressor that assures uniform flow through the shroud circuit. The compressor is provided with a variable speed motor to maintain constant uniform flow at all temperature ranges.

Our staff of engineers and will help turn your idea into a reality. Call today for more information on your cooling system requirements.