Cryogenic Dewars & Pressure Vessels

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Eden Cryogenics offers a line of high quality Dewars and pressure vessels. Eden’s Dewars have an inner pressure vessel to hold the cryogen, a vacuum space containing insulation and getters, and external vacuum jacket, supports linking the two vessels and piping and instrumentation to assure reliable and safe operation of the unit. These Dewars are built to ASME standards and can be Code stamped if required. Eden’s engineers will calculate the proper size of the Dewar to ensure long life, low thermal conductivity and acceptable costs.

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Eden’s pressure vessels are containers designed and fabricated for the containment of pressure above one atmosphere either internal or external. These vessels are utilized where gases or liquids are to be stored at higher pressure to act as a reservoir, or where processes require storage to be maintained. These vessels can be stamped and coded to ASME section VIII, Division I, U and R Certification if required.

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Pressure vessels may have many different shapes but most are spherical or a cylinder with 2 heads. The spherical shape is the most efficient in volume to surface area and stresses on the shell are more equal. The cylinder with 2 heads lends itself to many applications, available spaces, ease of mounting, and ease in shipping to the site.

Eden ensures that the fabrication of the pressure vessels are tightly controlled where all the material are certified and traceable. Our welders, who are certified to Section IX of the Code, for multiple welding processes and materials, possess many years of experience in fabricating pressure vessels.

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